Treating crooked or misaligned teeth used to mean months in metal braces and all of the accompanying hassles: diet restrictions, painful metal wires and sore cheeks.

Clear Braces Rochester Hills, MIModern dentistry offers several more convenient and less conspicuous options for patients needing mild to moderate orthodontic treatment for a variety of dental health or cosmetic concerns:

  • crossbite
  • Underbite
  • overbite
  • crooked teeth

At Signature Dentistry of Rochester, Dr. Matthew Wolfe offers Smart Moves clear braces and Six Month Smiles clear brackets.

Both orthodontic options provide effective treatment in about 6 months to one year with retainers and brackets that are “invisible” when compared to traditional metal braces. Dr. Wolfe will perform a thorough examination in order to determine your candidacy for either option and will recommend the one best suited to your dental health and cosmetic goals.

Smart Moves

Smart Moves utilizes a series of custom made clear retainers that will gradually realign the teeth according to a treatment plan created by Dr. Wolfe in his Rochester, MI dentist office. Smart Moves can often save patients money because there is not a specific number of aligners that must be purchased for treatment.

Six Month Smiles

A new smile in six months? It is possible with this unique treatment option for patients who are candidates. Six Month Smiles is effective for patients who do not need bite correction but have misaligned teeth. Using clear brackets and tooth colored wires, this system targets teeth in the “smile zone”.

Invisible braces are available for children and adults, but are especially appreciated by adult patients who can benefit from orthodontic treatment but don’t want the embarrassment of noticeable metal brackets on their teeth.

If you have been hiding your smile due to crooked teeth, come in for a consultation and learn more about how one of these treatment options could give you back your smile!