A dental filling is used to repair teeth that are decayed, worn or damaged. Dental fillings restore strength and beauty to the tooth and help protect the tooth from future damage. Rochester Hills, MI dentist Dr. Matthew Wolfe can select from many different materials for your tooth filling, depending on your needs and goals.

Types of Dental Fillings

  • Amalgam Fillings – Traditional amalgam restorations, which contain mercury, can cause the remaining tooth structure to crack when eating or drinking hot or cold items. With composite restorations, we bond the material to the tooth for extra strength. Because they are tooth colored, composite restorations look great and are polished to look and feel just like enamel.
  • Resin Dental Fillings (Tooth Bonding) – Resin tooth fillings are ideal for patients who have minimal decay or minor cosmetic problems. Dr. Wolfe will apply a tooth-colored resin directly to the tooth and sculpt it into form for an invisible restoration. In most cases, tooth bonding procedures are complete in a single visit. Resin dental fillings can be very long lasting when properly cared for, but do not last as long as a porcelain filling.
  • Porcelain Dental Fillings – For more significant damage or decay, Dr. Wolfe may recommend a porcelain dental fillings, also known as an inlay, onlay or partial crown. The dentist will take an impression of the tooth and create a model for the laboratory where the porcelain inlay/onlay will be fabricated. Porcelain fillings can be extremely long lasting when properly cared for.