Although dental implants are considered the “gold standard” for tooth replacement, there are many patients that may not be ideal candidates for dental implants. For these patients, Dr. Wolfe may recommend a dental bridge to replace a lost tooth.

This process begins with a comprehensive evaluation to examine the health of the teeth, gums, jaw joints and other support structures. You may have an existing dental bridge or have teeth that need to be extracted. Regardless of your condition, the dentist will create a personalized treatment plan that fits your needs, goals and budget.

Dental bridges can either be removable or fixed. In most cases, Dr. Wolfe will support the choice for a fixed dental bridge as a long term solution for missing teeth. The dental bridge can either be supported by dental crowns and/or dental implants. The dentist will prepare any teeth as needed to ensure a solid foundation for the dental bridge.

The dental bridge will be fabricated in a dental laboratory. You may have a temporary bridge to wear in the intermediate time period. In approximately 2 to 3 weeks from your initial visit, you will return for the delivery of the final restoration.