Today’s busy families need all the help they can get to make the tasks of daily life more convenient!

At Signature Dentistry of Rochester, Dr. Matthew Wolfe offers the busy families of the Rochester area the benefit of family dentistry where all members of the family can receive the dental care they need at his Rochester Hills dentist office.restorative dentistry Rochester Hills, MI

Dr. Wolfe offers the dentistry a growing family needs as well as the cosmetic and restorative services that adults and seniors need to keep smiles strong and healthy.

Family Dental Services:

Children’s dental services: regular check ups, sealants, sports mouth guards and other dentistry to support growing teeth.
Preventive care: patients of ALL ages need to visit Dr. Wolfe twice per year for a thorough professional cleaning and exam: routine care enables Dr. Wolfe to spot potential dental problems in the early stages, often avoiding more complex procedures.
Cosmetic dentistry: cosmetic procedures can both enhance the natural smile and support long term dental health!
Restorative dentistry: Dr. Wolfe offers dental implants and other procedures that can restore damaged and lost teeth.

Dr. Wolfe recommends that young children begin seeing the dentist around age 3, laying the foundation early for lifelong oral health. Among others, one important benefit of family dentistry is enabling children to be treated alongside their parents- this can often reduce the anxiety that young patients experience at these first visits.

Make a visit to Dr. Wolfe a part of your family’s “back to school” routine!